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My Mochila Backpack Summer Camp Lesson
Saturday Summer Drop In Fees

*Pick your days!     *Register and Pay!     *Contact Irma Vazquez by 8am the morning of! 

Yes! Yes we have Spanish Camp Drop In Days! 

4 easy steps by 8am on the day of !

1. Confirm the correct camp on flyer below:

   *8am-12pm 3-6 year olds    

   *1pm-5pm 6-10 year olds

2. Register below-specify day M, T, W, Th or F or combo. 

3. Make your payment below.

   *1-2 drop in days per week/ Backpack optional. 

   *2-3 drop in days per week/ Backpack will be charged. 

   *My Mochila Spanish on the Go backpack will be used in all camps! 

4. Text Irma Vazquez by 8am @310.227.9422 and let me know! 

Mon thru Fri Drop in Summer Camps

Spanish Immersion Summer Camp Drop Off Days! 

(non drop off/2 week camps go here

* Drop In Registration Form: 

*Paypal payment buttons: 

1-2 days drop off/Backpack is optional

3-4 days drop off / Backpack is included

4 days or more please contact our CFO Nury Gomez at nury.myescuelita@gmail.com