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Mommy/Daddy & Me      Rimas Y Risas
Rimas y Risas  (Rhymes and Laughter) will focus on parent and child bonding experiences through 
the use of Spanish lullabies, poems, and music.  Parents and children will learn classic and traditional
Spanish language lullabies as well as participate in age appropriate games and activities.  
The entire classroom is “shoe-less” so babies can safely lay, crawl and sit on the floor along with mom and dad! 

Spanish Preschool     
 Instituto Español   
Instituto Español (Spanish Institute) will focus on learning Spanish in a natural and age appropriate setting. This fun, play-based, interactive and multi-sensory curriculum will reflect Pre-School Key Experiences such as: Creative Representation, Language and Literacy, Social Relations/Conflict resolution,  Movement, Music, Number Sense, Space, Time, Classification, Comparing and Contrasting. Snack time will also be part of the curriculum and learning experience. Pack your favorite snack and bring it to class! This class is 5 hours 9-2pm. 

Spanish School Age I    
Libros Y Lectura I
Libros y Lectura I (Books and Reading I) is a class for the school-age beginning Spanish student who is ready for Spanish Literacy (letter names and sounds, syllables, words, sentences). Instruction will include all four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in Spanish at the students beginning levels. Students will make their own Spanish Books! 

Spanish School-Age II  
 Libros Y Lectura II
Libros y Lectura II (Books and Reading II ) is a class especially designed for the advanced Spanish learner. Students who have had one or more years of Spanish or is currently in a Spanish Immersion program will receive instruction in all 4 language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in Spanish. Leveled Spanish books will be used to ensure developmental appropriate reading experiences. 

Spanish Preschool     
Cuentos Y Cantos
Cuentos Y Cantos (Stories and Songs) will focus on pre-school key elements in a fun, play-based environment. Children will learn Spanish through interaction with developmentally appropriate materials and toys as well as experiences such as dance, movement, music, singing and crafts. 

Family Spanish      
 Los Pollitos Dicen
“Los Pollitos Dicen” is a traditional Spanish song passed on over many generations to children throughout the Spanish speaking world. Join us and practice or learn Spanish as a family! In this mixed-age and parent class both children and parents will enjoy learning Spanish together. Key vocabulary will be used to support Spanish at home. Each family will get a My Mochila: Spanish on the Go! Backpack to use with this class. 

Spanish Dance      
Baila Conmigo
Baila Conmigo (“Dance with Me”) students will be introduced to a variety of Latin dance styles, instruments, costumes and Hispanic countries. Your child will learn basic body movements and footwork associated with Latin and Spanish dances such as Salsa, Cha-cha, Tango, Merengue, Mambo, bachata, Latin hip-hop, flamenco and Sevillana. Students will have the opportunity to perform for parents several times per year in costumes. In addition, this class will increase your child's Spanish vocabulary of body parts, movement, instruments, commands and action verbs. Instructor is a certified dance instructor and credentialed teacher. 

Mindful Spanish Yoga   
Yoga y Yo 1
Yoga y Yo I (Yoga and Me i) The yoga poses ,songs, games and stories in our class unite movement with language for the young developing mind. Students will enjoy the benefits of yoga in a caring and fun environment which will help them with beginning yoga poses and Spanish acquisition. In addition students will also learn breathing techniques to self-calm and increase self regulation. Instructor is a certified Yoga (children’s) instructor and credentialed elementary teacher. 

Mindful Spanish Yoga II   
Yoga y Yo II
Yoga y Yo II (Yoga and Me II) Our evening class will focus on allowing students to immerse themselves in a calming evening yoga program taught in Spanish. Yoga poses, games, music, relaxation and breathing techniques will help unite movement with language for a totally different class experience! Instructor is a certified Yoga (children’s) instructor and credentialed elementary teacher. 

Spanish Parents Night Out   
Hasta Luego mamá y papá
Hasta luego mamá y papá (“See you later mom and dad”). Spanish Parents Night Out is designed to be fun for both children and parents! Typically on a Friday Night, students will enjoy Spanish stories, books, songs, games, crafts, music, movement and snacks while parents enjoy an evening out. Students bring their own snack. Pajamas and teddy bears are a must! 

Special Event  Spanish Storytime   
Había una vez....
Había una vez (Once upon a time). Spanish storytime is designed to encourage little ones to explore and read Spanish books. Children’s Bilingual Author Gladys Barbieri as well as other local children’s authors will be invited to join in on the fun. The evening includes, read-a-loud, quiet reading of Spanish books and crafts. PJs and stuffed animals are highly encouraged!   
Special Event 

Spanish Summer Camp  
Mi Campamento
Mi Campamento (My Escuelita: Spanish Summer Camp) is held at My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids in Redondo Beach. The 2017 Summer camp will include the My Mochila: Spanish on the Go Backpack. This years multicultural themes include: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Honduras. 

Author’s Day    
Colorín colorado...
Colorin, colorado (Author’s Day)  will be an opportunity for children to meet a bilingual author up close and personal. The children’s author will read his or her book(s), sign copies and lead the children in an activity/craft inspired by the book. 

Special Event 
Private Classes/Tutoring/Playgroups
Please contact Irma Vazquez for private classes, tutoring and/or Spanish Playgroups. 

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Class Descriptors

We offer year-round classes-including 5 hours Pre-School classes, Spring and Summer camps as well as private classes (Pre-Schools and private homes). Our classes are taught in Spanish, using best practices in second language acquisition and world language instruction. One of our main objectives is for children to make a strong connection between having fun and learning a second or third language. We believe that a child who has fun while learning a world language, will not only do well, but he or she will become a life-long learner. We feel blessed to be a part of that journey!

*Each class, workshop, event has its own timeline. Generally speaking our classes are year round. Summer camps may take the place of classes... Upon registration your credit card will be charged and the fee will be taken each month on the same day. All fees include school holidays and school closures. No refunds or pro-rating for holidays, vacations, or illness. If the teacher misses she will make up the class or you will get a refund for that class within 30 days. Enrichment classes have a break during the week of Thanksgiving, Two weeks off for Winter, One week off for Spring. We require a 30 day notice in writing for cancelled classes. Makeups will only be approved by Irma Vazquez For more information Here

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