5 Content Themes in Spanish include Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing at an age and developmental language level:  

Mon/Cooking,  TUes/STEM,  Wed/Book Club/Literacy,  Thur/Art,  Fri/Drama

11 Instructional themes taught with muliti-culturally relevant materals. 

Yo, Mi Comunidad, Mi Comida, Mis tradiciones , Mi Familia, Mis Amigos, Mi Escuela,

Mi Tierra, Mis Mascotas, Mi transportación, Los Planetas



Afterschool Enrichment Pricing and Payments:

All prices include materials and supplies

 Please provide your child with a healthy

NUT FREE snack. 

​​​​​My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids, LLC

Spanish Classes, Camps & Resources for Children, Parents, Teachers & Schools! EST. in 2006

Afterschool Enrichment Registration :

Registration information and payment buttons below the flyer and highlights. 

* Recurring payments September - June 2020

* No refunds for missed classes

* Makeups available 

* Fees include 2 weeks Winter Break

Afterschool Enrichment with Ms. Irma and Ms.Evelyn:  Highlights, Schedule and FAQ:

*Flex Schedule (chose 1 to 5 days)

* Taught by Ms. Irma and Ms. Evelyn, both credentialed bilinugal bilterate  veteran teachers. 29 & 20 years! 

* Daily Schedule:

-Snack (parent provides) 

-Games, Movement, Music

-Homework Help

-Small group/whole group instruction

-Cooking, STEM, Book Club, Art, Drama

Music, Movement, Dancing 

- Student Portfolios & resources

* Weekly email & resources 

*Hands on, student centered, natural language approach and literacy




Afterschool Enrichment 2019 - 2020 3 to 6 pm

Spanish Afterschool Enrichment Program

*Monday - Friday (Flex Schedules available) 

Begins Mon 9.16.19 

    *3pm to 6pm   * Ages 3-10

*credentialed biligual/biliterate teachers.

*Bilingual, Monolingual, Fluent spanish students welcomed. Beginners - Advanced levels welcomed.